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Westside Wellness Center


A modern chiropractic center for functional medicine, specializing in drug free, non surgical treatment and prevention programs. Our treatments are designed to eliminate acute or chronic pain as fast as possible. We do this utilizing chiropractic care, nutritional therapies, physical therapy modalities, acupuncture without needles, exercise rehabilitation, blood, urine, saliva and hair analysis and lifestyle changes. We emphasize drugless management of metabolic disorders, Diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy, immune system deficiencies, food allergies, hypo thyroid, anemia, detoxification (heavy metals) and methylation syndromes to name just a few.

Our staff, athletes themselves, work as a team to develop a personalized program to get you back to your favorite activities as quickly as possible, prevent future injuries, and maintain a peak level of fitness for your better health.

Dr. Kelberman is one of a rare breed of chiropractors who can integrate chiropractic care, physical therapy modalities, metabolic nutrition and acupuncture without needles into a more complete treatment protocol. Thus, his board certification in integrative Medicine (BCIM). That means he can bring several different disciplines together in a single treatment protocol. Imagine just seeing one practitioner instead of several? We can help you achieve a pain free lifestyle. One of the most exciting parts of our program is that we are completely drug free. Imagine not having to take drugs for the rest of your life. People are always greatly surprised by the amazing results that they achieve with Dr. Kelberman as their coach. As you can tell we believe in team work. The results we help people achieve are nothing short of miraculous.

After 30 in practice Dr. Kelberman has many specialties: Applied Kinesiology, Sport and injury rehabilitation including foot and ankle rehabilitation and orthotics, Disc and sciatica rehabilitation, Shoulder conditions and Frozen Shoulder work utilizing “NAT” Niel-Asher Technique, management of pain and metabolic disorders, medical-legal cases, nutritional counseling with innovative metabolic lab tests or nerve damage due to diabetic and peripheral neuropathy.Dr. Kelberman is highly regarded for his unique and successful treatment protocols for chronic and reoccurring pain. Whether it’s neck, shoulder, back, leg, arm, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs or other serious spinal problems. We’ve matched proven state-of-the-art technologies, with innovative processes for optimal and long lasting results.

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Westside Wellness Center
2990 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 203
Los Angeles, California 90064
(310) 268-8008