Stress relief leads to Wellness



As a human being living in 2017, we are all faced with having to detoxify chemicals that we breath in, eat, drink or rub onto our bodies. Whether you are aware of it or not your body is detoxifying 24/7. Some of us detoxify better than others. One of the detoxifying processes is called methylation. Whereby, we take the toxic substance and change it slightly so it can be eliminated from our bodies.
Sometimes we have heavy metal toxicity (lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.). These must be removed as quickly but simply and safely as possible. In case you ever had a friend that went through a detox and are afraid, fear no more. Today, detox programs are done slowly and without typical side effects. Toxic elements can hurt your organs and your brain!

Different forms of supplementation

Not just taking 35 pills daily. We make “Custom”formulas that incorporate all vitamins and minerals together, so it’s easy!. Transdermal crèmes for certain elements that are not digestible and or for those whose digestive system is faulty and they do not absorb properly.