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Foot orthotics


Whether you are having foot pain or not, proper foot function is essential for our legs, knees, hips and pelvic function. The pelvis is the foundation on which your entire spine sits on. If your pelvis is not stable how can you expect any other part of the spine to be stable? If you are having foot symptomatology, we can help you. Our office specializes in the treatment of nerve damage of the feet.
That means we are comprehensively trained in foot rehabilitation. We have been making foot orthotics for over 25 years and have helped hundreds of people get pain free from: plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, sprains, tendonitis, bursitis, neuromas, knee tracking problems (patellofemoral syndrome), tarsal tunnel syndrome, etc..


Our feet are very important to every muscle of our body. Without proper foot-function our walking mechanism (gait mechanism) changes. Our bodies start to compensate automatically and then we have other problems. You do not have to have pain in your feet for them to be malfunctioning. Knee, hip, lower back even neck and shoulder problems can come from weak and dysfunctional feet! We check them routinely. They are that important. We also make custom foot orthotics from plaster casts the old fashioned way because they are much more accurate.
We are the only center that offers a complete foot rehabilitation program. Your feet will be stronger and better able to withstand the effects of concrete, weight and sport activities.


Having treated thousands of runners and athletes of all types and personal experience the following brief information should help you select the best orthotic and person to make them for you.

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