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Metabolic Nutrition



Metabolic nutrition plays a big role in the elimination of chronic pain. Inflammation is almost always at the root of chronic pain. There are exceptions of course such as a herniated disc or nerve damage. Metabolic nutrition plays a role in tissue healing. You would be surprised how many people are not eating well to start with, let alone heal from an injury. Muscles are made from protein not sugar. Sugars and carbs and food allergies are inflammatory. Inflammation, past the initial healing stage is going to create chronic pain. Our office has extensive experience with metabolic nutritional therapies that can speed your recovery. 

Metabolic Nutrition specialty. It’s not just what’s in your blood that counts. It’s just as important and sometimes more important to know what’s in your cells that makes the difference. This specialty is called functional medicine. Not drug therapy. As our world becomes more and more toxic (air pollution, water pollution, pesticides, toxic hormones from plastics and foods, radiation from Fukishima reactors and the list goes on). Our bodies are increasingly challenged. Detoxification is one of many ongoing processes that our bodies must perform. Did you know that in order to detoxify your body must convert the toxic elements into a form it can excrete (the process called methylation)? You must have enough specific and adequate nutrients in your body to continue that process, or  it will fall short and disease  follows.  Since your skin is the largest organ it makes sense that there are now detoxifying soaps available for every day  use. All current information points to inflammation as the source of all disease. Did you ever go to your family MD physician, have them run blood and hear them say “you are normal”, yet you feel weak, tired and horrible”?