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Nerve Damage


Peripheral Neuropathy

A degenerative process where nerves are damaged, causing pain, burning, cramping, numbness, tingling, weakness, loss of balance and coordination, sleeplessness that significantly changes the quality of your life.

Our clinic has been specializing in the treatment of many different types of Peripheral Neuropathy. Such as: Diabetic, drug to induced, chemo therapy, dialysis, heavy metal toxicity as well as lumbar stenosis. We were the first to offer a comprehensive treatment program for the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

A proven, all natural drug free solution to repair and decrease the painful and debilitating symptoms caused by degeneration of the nervous system.

Neurologic Specialties
Whether it’s complications from diabetes (Peripheral Neuropathy) or a foot neuroma, thoracic outlet syndrome down your arms, sciatica or pinched nerves. You can be assured that we are skilled in handling your needs without drugs or surgery.

Below are a list of the types of Neuropathy and must be treated accordingly.

  • Disease based Neuropathy:
    Diabetes, Hepatitis, Alcoholism, Kidney Failure, Lung Disease or smoking, Lyme’s disease, Epstein Barre Virus, etc.
  • Drug Induced Neuropathy:
    Caused by the treatment of a disease with drugs (see list of 52). This also includes chemotherapy for cancer treatments (very common).
  • Degenerative Neuropathy:
    Spinal Stenosis from disc degeneration, trauma to the Spinal cord. brain or stroke are very common in the elderly. In my opinion, this is the most difficult to treat because there has been a long-standing crush type injury to the nerves that supply your legs.
  • Toxic Neuropathy:
    Heavy Metals, chemical pollutants whether airborne foodborne or water born, also applies to products you use on your skin or hair.
  • Nutritional DeficiencyNeuropathy:
    Nutrients such as B12, B6, Iron, anemia is the most prominent because it reduces the red blood cells ability to transport oxygen to the cells. All tissue in our body need oxygen.
  • Genetic Neuropathy:
    Typically runs in families but are usually painless.

Unfortunately, you can also have several different types of neuropathy at the same time.

Diagnosing Toxic Neuropathies
The most common types that create neuropathy are from heavy metals. We utilize Quicksilver Labs, the premier lab in the US for testing seven heavy metals and eight minerals. They are:

Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, cadmium, cobalt, silver and strontium.
Calcium, Copper, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium and Zinc.

The testing is simple but complete using blood, urine, and hair. We get results in about two weeks. If you are toxic with these elements detoxing these substances is mandatory and crucial in resolving neuropathy symptoms.
Most people are toxic for a reason. They eat too much fish or other foods that contain the contaminants, they breath the contaminates in, worse with smokers, or they are poor detoxifiers to start with (poor methylation, which is the body taking a toxic substance changing it slightly so that it can eliminate it from the body, which can be genetic).